Director of Marketing and Research

The Director of Marketing and Research works with the marketing team to direct and implement data-driven brand and marketing initiatives that build brand equity; promote CPBN programming and initiatives; drive audience and membership growth and engagement on all platforms; and support diverse fundraising activities. The ideal candidate will possess strong strategic, campaign development and copywriting skills, as well as data analysis and digital marketing skills.

DEADLINE: 2017-09-22


Research and Data Analysis: Lead and inform data-driven marketing decisions.
• Direct market research collection, analysis, and interpretation of market data.
• Align leadership and new initiatives with market research and audience/member insights.
• Conduct customer, brand and market research initiatives.
• Drive analysis of market trends, public media developments, and changes in external audiences’ preferences to identify opportunities and risks impacting the organization’s growth.
• Monitor website analytics and SEO standing, provide strategic recommendations for content additions, updates, changes.
• Provide ideas for improved user experience and conversion optimization on websites.

Strategic Marketing: Develop and execute strategic, integrated marketing plans and campaigns that achieve specific goals.
• Develop and implement marketing campaigns to support programming, new product introductions, and fundraising initiatives.
• Develop integrated marketing plans designed to achieve specific marketing objectives, (e.g. growing audience/listeners/users/viewership; increasing engagement; attracting /converting new members, attracting sponsors and funders, etc.).

• Provide concept development and copywriting for initiatives that may be executed on
radio, television, print and online.
• Provide creative development and implementation of strategic social media and online
marketing campaigns to attract/convert/engage and build brand advocacy.
• Develop content marketing strategies for implementation; assist with email marketing
• Create and implement marketing programs designed to support specific fundraising
initiatives, including underwriting, membership drives, and leadership giving programs.
• Act as a steward of the brand, ensuring that all initiatives are in line with mission.
• Develop and manage expenses and budgets.
• Negotiate with media partners to guarantee advantageous contracts.
• Demonstrate excellent communication, writing and interpersonal skills.




To Apply: Send resume, cover letter (including where candidate learned about the position), and salary
requirements to: Human Resources, Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc., 1049 Asylum Avenue,
Hartford, Connecticut 06105 or email to No phone calls, please.