Membership has its privileges

Message from the President

As your state organization, the CBA plays an integral role in representing your broadcast interests on both the State and National levels. Our focused efforts on CBA Members' behalf include:

Government Relations / Advocacy
  • The CBA employed government relations firm diligently pursues all Connecticut legislative issues directly affecting broadcasters and keeps the Board informed.
  • CBA representatives visit with our Washington legislators regularly. We keep them informed about your interest and concerns.
Industry Communications/FCC Relations
  • On-going dissemination of FCC, NAB, legislative information.
  • Contracting and implementing of an Alternate Inspection Program(ABIP) in partnership with the FCC.
  • Emergency communications, alerting members to legal, regulatory, or legislative issues.
  • Re-write, and distribution of the new EAS state plan which has been reworked by the CBA/EAS Committee to conform to the new FCC-EAS regulations.
  • Development of the "AMBER" annex to the state EAS plan
Professional Education And Training
  • CBA sponsors and organizes an annual convention and trade technology seminars.
  • CBA sponsors and organizes an annual convention & trade technology sessions. In 2015 the Connecticut Broadcasters Association inducted 12 celebrated individuals into the CBA Hall of Fame.
Public Relations/Community Service
  • Statewide public service campaigns, and Non-Commercial, Sustaining Annct. (NCSA) programs are offered by CBA.
  • CBA Annual Scholarships - to Communication majors.
Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program - "ABIP"
  • The Federal Communications Commission has the right to conduct unscheduled inspections of broadcast facilities, both randomly and when they have a reason to believe a problem exists. Put your station under the microscope and avoid FCC inspections for 3 years by participating in an "Alternative Broadcast Inspection". Under the alternative broadcast inspection program, the CBA will dispatch an ABIP inspector to perform a complete FCC-type inspection of your station to ensure that it is in compliance with the Commission rules.

Your continued support of the CBA's efforts is needed to enable us to effectively respond to a dynamically changing industry. We encourage you to use this website, as well as the CBA office, as resources for your broadcast activities. Please call the CBA office any time you have questions, (860) 305-2038.

Michael Ryan